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Habitat University

Habitat University is a science-based podcast delivering the latest information on habitat management. This podcast is part of the larger podcast network Natural Resources University, funded by the Renewable Resources Extension Act.


Natural Resource University


Dec 8, 2020

What do you picture when you hear “habitat”? Habitat is one of the most important concepts in wildlife management, but what does it actually mean? Join Adam and Jarred as they define “habitat” and discuss why its use is a “panchreston problem.” We’ll explain what the heck “panchreston” means and discuss why we should be careful about how we talk about habitat to minimize confusion and clarify objectives. Jarred and Adam will also explore why defining and using habitat correctly is important in helping landowners and managers construct and achieve their management objectives.

Learn more about habitat as a panchreston problem in Kirk et al. 2018. Our use, misuse, and abandonment of a concept: Whither habitat.Ecology and Evolution 8:4197–4208.