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Habitat University

Habitat University is a science-based podcast delivering the latest information on habitat management. This podcast is part of the larger podcast network Natural Resources University, funded by the Renewable Resources Extension Act.


Natural Resource University


Jun 15, 2021

What do baseball and wildlife habitat management have in common? Take a listen to this week’s episode as Adam and Jarred discuss what Adam calls “the Moneyball problem” of habitat management. They chat about how lessons learned from the best-selling book (and movie) - Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game – can be applied to habitat management.

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Resources mentioned:

Moneyball: The art of winning an unfair game, by Michael Lewis -

Read a synopsis on the book from Wikipedia:

The famous, Van Horne paper, Density as a misleading indicator of habitat quality:

“Streetlight effect” -

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Rosy retrospection hypothesis -

Article about University of Tennessee white oak and fertilizer research project -