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Habitat University

Habitat University is a science-based podcast delivering the latest information on habitat management. This podcast is part of the larger podcast network Natural Resources University, funded by the Renewable Resources Extension Act.


Natural Resource University


Mar 11, 2021

How can the axe – or forestry – be used as a habitat management tool? Jarred talks with Jordan Nanney, a Wildlife Forester with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, about how he uses forestry to creatively manage wildlife habitat. As you’ll learn in the episode it can really be a balancing axe {act}.

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Resources discussed during the episode:

Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment -

Short-term response of breeding birds to oak regeneration treatments in upland hardwood forest

Managing your Woods for White-Tailed Deer

Creating a Wildlife Habitat Management Plan for Landowners

A Template for Your Wildlife Habitat Management Plan

Iowa’s Forest Birds